Hi. I’m Lim Lian Tze, I’m the Community TeXpert at Overleaf. This is my “hold-all” home page, serving as a starting point to my online personal stuff.

Curriculum Vitae

If you need a quick rundown of my personal history, take a look at my curriculum vitae, or at my LinkedIn profile } .


To contact me, remove the name of a flower and use a proper dot in the following:
liantze @ gdaisymail • com.


My research fields include computational lexicography and word sense disambiguation, with applications in machine translation. My PhD research concerns a framework for designing and constructing multilingual lexicons, in particular, low cost methods suitable for under-resourced languages. I work a lot with the SSTC annotation schema, wordnet systems, as well as the conceptual vector model.

My previous research projects include the construction of a Malay WordNet prototype (which is now rebooted as part of the Wordnet Bahasa!), a multilingual “lexicontology”, the design of a semantic lexical base using conceptual vectors and lexical functions to model lexical knowledge, and an agents-based framework for constructing this semantic lexical database. See my publications if you’re interested in my research.


Another tool that I use a lot is LaTeX, a document preparation system based on TeX, a typesetting engine written by the venerable Donald Knuth. Apart from a LaTeX resources page, I also co-author the Malaysian LaTeX User Group blog.


I am also mother to a very, very, very active toddler. If you promise you won’t flinch or wince at the mountain of baby pictures and parenting rants and whines, here are some (er, I mean, a lot) photos and (yet another) blog about the (Fluffy) Rants of a (Geeky) Mom.