Where did these books come from?

Whenever I get really, really bored, is unmotivated to do “real” work but still itching to touch a computer but not in the mood for games… I re-visit good articles I came across on the Web, and typeset them with LaTeX to make my own (PDF only) e-books.

(Yes, I’m weird, I know.)

Note that all e-books are copyrighted to their original authors and I make no claim of ownership. If you are the author of one of these books and you object to me hosting these PDFs, just drop me a line.

Grid Computing Cluster: The Development and Integration of Grid Services and Applications

Grid@USM, Universiti Sains Malaysia

This was actually real work, not procrasination! It’s a report/book we published for a research project, which I was tasked to compile, edit, design and typeset using LaTeX.


《动漫贩》2004–05 年专题连载

原文为大陆动漫情报杂志《动漫贩》 2004–05 年长篇专题连载,我初次见到是百度食梦者吧吧友钉宫理惠病毒辛苦手打的图片版。这里供下载的版本是本人重新手打排版。



吴军 Google 研究员

原文 2007–2009 年刊于谷歌黑板报,对科技公司、人物及投资结构作了很详尽的剖析。 IT 工作者、投资者、有意创业者必读!